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Who Is Toniq...

    Name : Steven Yeoh Kee Chuan a.k.a Ah Chi
    Nickname : toniqBoy
    Age : 18+
    Sex : Not a female
    Race : Chinese
    Nationality : Malaysian
    Marriage status : Not yet married ... but not available to you girls out there except Jaymy Yap
    Height : Taller than shorter people, shorter than taller people
    Weight : Around 50kg
    Hometown : Ipoh (one of the town in Malaysia)
    Education : Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) Kampar Branch
    Course : Computer Studies
    Hobbies : Anything that is related to computer , soccer (although Idon't know how to play)
    Favourite Colour : "This Colour"
    Favourite Food/Drink : I don't know
    Favourite Band : Oasis , Blur , Greenday
    Favourite PC Games : Fifa99 , Minesweeper , StarCraft
    Favourite Football Team : Newcastle United Football Club

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