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The Way We Jam
 by KRU

I've got a little somethin' for ya now
May take a little sweat when I show ya how
A doze of flavor comin' on from a true player
Everybody are you ready for me?

Can ya feel it baby
My sensuality
Gotta know what's the score
As we kick it

This is just the way we jam, we jam
This is just the way we jam
This is just the way we jam, we jam
You can call it what you want but
This is just the way we jam

You tell me, who's da' man... Who got the jam slammed
Who got da' plan, to set a brand new trend
That's right... You're lookin' at the player, my crew
We don't mean to scare
I've got my mind on da' platinum, now where's my share
Gonna hit it on etime and we're gonna stay forever
It's K.L we represent, ain't no beginners

No compromise, ya better recognize
We're on a roll y'all and we wanna grab em'all
The beat is pumpin'... Let's see that body shakin'
As you feel my venom creepin' in

Can't you see it baby
I've got what ya need
I'm your lyrical dealer
The funky jam hustla

Repeat *

We jam...gotta know who's the mac
We've been doin' it for years, been savin' up for ya
Come on everybody swing

Just shake it, shake it to the beat now shake it
It's K.L style in motion, domination... worldwide
Huh, ya better recognize
It's kickin' ya hard but nice, hypnotize
We're tellin' ya no lies
Flowin' my juice till sunrise
K.L is the city we hail, we rise
Just jam this track, respect
KRU's in full effect, remember that

Can you feel it baby
Deep inside, i'm in ya
In your mind, in your soul
We're in control
Now get down on your knees
I'll continue to tease
Don't ya know it baby
I like the way you shake your body

Repeat *

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